"Behave" is a strange name for a company. But if you think about it, the way we behave directly affects how others perceive and connect with us.

It's not what you say. It's how you behave.

Behavior is the central corollary of human society. Culture shapes behavior, and behavior shapes culture.

People's attitudes and perceptions are shaped by the behaviors they experience with brands. From product design and customer service platforms to communications and tools, every touchpoint is an opportunity to make an emotional connection with your audience.

Today, it's more about what you do and less about what you say. Little things matter. Brand narratives are now driven by 'story doing' rather than 'story telling'.

The digital world in which we live has accelerated and illuminated the relationships people have with brands. The playing field is more level than ever.  No longer just consumers, people are now producers, participants, multipliers, and communities. Behaviors that make good on promises and expectations are lauded. Behaviors that violate those promises and expectations are derided, even shamed, publicly.

This is exciting for companies because now, they have freedom to be more human and have deeper emotional relationships than ever before. Companies that design their brand experiences with people in mind can positively impact culture. Brands that tap into their belief system (their emotional center) and find their purpose will have the blueprint for consistent and compelling behaviors with every customer. When behaviors are driven by a strong belief, people can sense it. It makes them trust and care about your brand.

My goal is to help brands, from established to startups, navigate this new world, so they can thrive in the future.