Get to the heart of the problem. Sometimes symptoms are so loud, they look like the problem.

Find ways to go beyond messaging, whether it be a service, a cause to fight for, or something useful to improve people's lives.

Get to the insight quickly. This world moves faster than typical strategic and research timelines.


Exploratory qualitative:  Both online and offline, I enjoy digging into the mindsets and motivations of audiences and cultures, seeing how people interact with products and services.

Workshops: I find collaboration is the best way to get people to come to solutions quickly and with skin in the game. Conviction, not consensus, is the net outcome. Workshops are useful for journey mapping, brand belief and behavior strategy, integrated communication planning, new product development, and internal culture disruption. Depending on the problem to be solved, these can be as short as half days.

Culture and audience deep dives: This might be the academic in me, but I enjoy unpacking the meaning of things by looking through culture and history. Humans have been prolific at documenting their thoughts and worldviews for centuries, and by digging, you can find deep veins of human truth.

Journey Mapping: As a visual thinker, my mind is looks for connections and patterns. Whether it is an overall brand experience or a specific experience within an overall journey, I enjoy digging into existing data or conducting new exploratory to find interactions that matter.

New product development: Whether its food, technology, or a new retail service platform, I love the creation of new things. I set the stage by bringing inspiration to people (or bringing people TO the inspiration), getting groups to work together to come up with story-based ideas (because products/services should always have a story) then prepping for research and refinement if needed.



Advertising & marketing strategies

Audience identification & deep dives

Brand belief & purpose development

Brand & product positioning

Communication architecture

Exploratory research (ethnographies, IDIs, generative), design, and moderation

Creative strategy

Cultural analysis

Workshop design and facilitation

Customer journey development

Quantitative research design

Innovation & new product development

Netnography/Social listening

UX audits and strategic recommendations

Quantitative research design


Home Buyers and Sellers

Fast Food Fans


Natural, Organic, and Sustainable Solutions Seekers

DIYers of all sorts (home improvers, investors, etc.)

Health and Wellness Seekers

Pet Lovers