Michelle B. Dickens

Consumer Insights • Brand Strategy

Marketing Strategy • Innovation • Culture Deep Dives


Two things about me: Cultural anthropology is my jam. Technology fascinates me.

While I am big-picture thinker, I know success in today's digital world demands getting your hands dirty. My passion for helping brands discover their beliefs and purpose is only served when I can develop integrated strategies that allow those ideas to come to life in culture and in the marketplace.

I'm a rare type of strategist. I started my career in project management and account service, which gave me the insight into what clients need to achieve their business goals. But my years of experience as an account planner allowed me to dig into consumer culture to create marketing strategies that help brands innovate and find creative white space to thrive in the future.

Because I am passionate about brands and their success, I am a part-time lecturer at Texas State University. I've judged the North American Effies and AAF's National Student Advertising Competition.